Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers Help Accident Victims

Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers Help Accident Victims

Spinal Cord Injuries Lawyers


Nearly 90,000 Canadians live with a spinal cord injury. The effects of an SCI depend on the severity and location of your injury, (paralyzed, quadriplegic, paraplegic) but these injuries can be life-changing. A severe SCI is one of the injuries that can be classified as "catastrophic” under Ontario’s Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule, making you eligible for the highest levels of compensation. If you have sustained a traumatic SCI, please contact a spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible. Many personal injury lawyers have a great deal of experience with SCIs, and can help you with the challenges you are experiencing.

What You Need


When someone sustains a spinal cord or catastrophic injury, everything in their life has changed. The path you thought you were travelling on has taken a sharp turn, and you need time to adjust to a new "normal.” You may be dealing with pain, shock, exhaustion, and a hundred different emotions. You may need surgery, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a wheelchair or other mobility devices. But even as you try to wrap your mind around what a catastrophic injury like an SCI will mean for your life, you may be worried about practical details. You will be unable to work for several months – but the bills still need to be paid. You may have children or household responsibilities – who will look after them while you are recovering? You yourself may need help with personal tasks, meal preparation, cleaning, or transportation. A spinal cord injuries lawyer can help with some of these practical aspects, starting with getting your insurance claim filed as soon as possible.


An SCI lawyer will do the work necessary to file a catastrophic injury claim with insurance on your behalf. They may visit the accident scene and take photos; they may track down witnesses to the accident and take statements from them. The paperwork required for these types of cases is daunting to a novice, but an experienced personal injury lawyer knows how to navigate the insurance sector. They will be able to fill out exacting forms properly, access necessary medical records and the police report, and file in time to meet any deadlines. In addition, a personal injury lawyer may be able to arrange help for you and your family in order to take some of the pressure off as you rest and recover.

Finding the Right Lawyer


You’ll want your lawyer to meet certain criteria. If you are still in hospital recovering from an injury, or if travelling is still difficult for you, find a lawyer based nearby who’ll come to you. Your lawyer should have experience not only with personal injury cases, but with spinal cord and catastrophic injuries. You’ll want to choose a law firm that has a good track record with these types of cases. After that, you should look for a lawyer whose personality complements yours. You will be depending on your SCI lawyer and working closely with them, so find a lawyer who you can communicate well with, and who you have a rapport with.


Dealing with a catastrophic injury that has left you paralyzed, quadriplegic or paraplegic is painful enough, without having to deal with an insurance company not cooperating. Contact a personal injury law firm today and ask to meet with a lawyer experienced in catastrophic injuries. Working with a good spinal cord injuries lawyer can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.